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Gonubie, Eastern Cape


Important Numbers

Office (9:00 - 12:00):
043 740 4989
043 726 6066 (Elmari Kruger)

Ambulance - Alderson:
086 022 3366
Ambulance - Metro:
Ambulance - Netcare:
082 911
SA Police (Gonubie):
043 740 4040
SA Police (Detectives):
043 740 2305
BCM (Gonubie):
043 705 9712/03
043 705 9000 / 705 9098
Hartwig & Henderson (Admin):
043 726 8742
Hartwig & Henderson (Emergency):
043 726 6761
Gonubie Protect
081 046 8854

Settlers Gates (both entrances)
Wayne de Klerk
083 656 5569

Maintenance (After Hours):
Wynand Smit
082 859 8665
The Plumber
082 449 2440

082 566 2577

DSTV: 011 289 2289 / 011 289 2222

Welcome to Settlers Retirement Villages!
(Settlers Retirement Village established 1988 &
Settlers Rest Retirement Village established 1998)

Our website is an easy-to-use place of reference for all matters relating to living in the Villages.
You can also read the rules, find out about facilities and activities and fill in online application or notification forms.

Covid-19 Documentation and Updates.

Displayed by newest first (may amend rules in older documents)

Level 3 - Govt Gazette - Regulations 28 May (Size 3mb) Alan Levy Attorneys - Level 4 - Retirement Villages 30 April CSOS Directive 21 April 2020

Upcoming Special Events/Dates:

All activities are suspended due to Covid-19 Lockdown

BCM Water Restrictions.

BCM Stage 3 Water Restrictions
Restrictions from 1 January 2020:
We must achieve a 35% saving in consumption.
Failure to achieve this will incur punitive tariffs.

Connect to BCM Notice Link to Pressreader Notification

In addition to Stage 2 restrictions below, Stage 3 further limits the following:
Garden watering before 9:am of after 6:00pm and only for 30 minutes.
Washing or hosing down hard surfaces is forbidden.
Written BCM permission is required to fill swimming pools.
Rainwater or grey water must be used for toilet flushing.

Summary of Stage 2 Restrictions (November 2019):
*Residents will have to get written permission from BCM to refill, or empty, their swimming pools and washing clothes at communal taps will be forbidden as will filling water tanks.
*Motorists will not be allowed to wash their cars more than once a week, while windows are not to be washed unless there are exceptional circumstances.
*Water must not be used to clean paved areas unless there are exceptional circumstances;
*Fountains must be switched off;
*Ponds may only be topped up using a hand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle, a bucket or a watering can;
*No sprinklers or other irrigation systems may be used;
*Lawns and plants may only be watered from 7-10am using a hand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle, a bucket, watering can or a dripper system;
*Water storage tanks, dams and lakes can only be filled or topped up with non-potable water;
*Cars must be washed on lawns when washed in residential areas and not more than once a week;
*Commercial car washes can wash any cars on condition they recycle the water and have an exemption allowing for use of potable water..

Village Overview
Settlers(est.1988) and Settlers Rest (est. 1998) are two separate Sectional Title Schemes situated in Gonubie, Eastern Cape, sharing adjacent stands, which are spread over 22 manicured hectares, having a total of 126 homes (cottage sizes 80-140sq.m), 4 ‘bachelor’ flats for hire, a community hall, swimming pool, an active entertainment committee, own transportation and garden staff, two entrances and features an eco-friendly wooded valley with a stream, nesting birds and beautiful pond. Access controlled gates with electronically secured perimeter.

The Sectional Title and other relevant Acts are rigidly complied with. Trustees are elected annually at the AGM and meet regularly throughtout the year.

Whilst Gonubie is a small coastal village, it boasts many conveniences with representation from the major banks, Spar and Pick & Pay Supermarkets, Medical Centre, Pharmacies and a variety of other shops - Butcher, Eateries, Hardware store and so on. There is a pristine beach and river estuary, with a tidal pool and Boardwalk. Fishing, surfing and sea and river bathing are available.
Central East London is only 12 km away and the Airport a further 12 km. The N2, N6 and R72 are all nearby.

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Scheduled Activities

All activities are suspended due to Covid-19 Lockdown

Calendar View

Sunday Braai

1 Mar - Glen
8  Mar - Community Centre
15 Mar – Glen
22 Mar - Community Centre
29 Mar Glen

Kombi (09:00)
(When driver is available)

3 Mar - Spar
5 Mar - Hemmingways
10 Mar - Spar
17 Mar - Spar
19 Mar - Vincent
25 Mar - Retail Park
31 Mar Spar

Line Dancing

Every Wednesday at 14:30

Bible Study

Every Wednesday at 10:30
Cottage 45


18 Mar 09:00 in Hall

Birthday Bash

12 Mar at 18:00
Wear something Red!

Mobile Library

Every Tuesday at 10:30
Not Public Holidays

Book Club

26 Mar 15:00


Every Tuesday & Friday afternoon