In compliance with the Sectional Title Schemes Managment Act, a Board of Trustees is elected annually at the AGM. They manage the affairs of the village, in accordance with the Conduct and Management Rules, whilst also taking into account the requirements of all legislation relevant to a Sectional Title Retirement Village.  
The Trustees have appointed Trafalgar Property Management (East London) to assist in these functions.

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Note: Currently both Villages use Annexure 1 of the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Regulations as their Management Rules.


OFFICE HOURS 10:00 – 12:00 weekdays

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General Information regarding management and administration of the Villages

Insurance and Claims

Both Villages are insured with Hollard under a standard Sectional Title Policy, using AON as the insurance broker.
This policy covers the Common Property and the buildings against the normal risks of a "Homeowners" policy. Owners are advised to also consider the usual "householders" policy to cover their personal effects and moveables within the Unit.
The geyser is covered under the Sectional Title policy.


All claims should be lodged (with the Settlers Office) within 24 hours of an incident occurring and the Office or a Trustee should be notified immediately. A claim form will be completed by the Office and submitted to the broker, including any relevant photographs. These must be taken before any repair work is done.

In the case of a "burst" geyser the following is important to note:
The plumber must provide a Certificate of Compliance, meaning it must be a registered plumber. Therefore an owner can use a plumber of their choice as long as they are registered.
If not, all costs are for the owner's account.
Maximum sum insured for geysers is R18,000, including the "first amount payable" (Excess) of R1,500 which must be paid by the owner.
Property Loss claim form can be used (no specific geyser claim forms).

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